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Happy Birthday– and the rest of the story

Posted in Jacob's Story on September 4, 2008 by timmccoy

So, today is the big day.  I am the father of a teenager.  Happy Birthday Jacob. I hope you have a big cake and lots of presents.

So where do you go from the death of your firstborn son.  They funneled us off in to a little room beside the NICU while they prepared him.  We were going to get to hold him and take pictures and just get a chance to say goodbye. Our parents were there, and some other family members.  I remember thinking, God what good is going to come from this?  I also remember asking God to help me be strong for my family and friends and my students at the school who were waiting so patiently for their “baby.”  While we were waiting, my spiritual father, Pastor Chuck Webb and his wife came in.  Chuck was a rather big guy and he sobbed so hard when he found out.  He grieved so hard. God gave Mary and I the words to say to help him.  it was incredible. It was hard.  My not yet but soon to be brother in law Paul was not a Christian at this time,  He just did not believe in anything yea or nay.  He had never held a baby before this either, but he held Jacob after he died.  He was so tiny.  But God allowed Mary and I to continue to minister to the people around us.  This continued.  We continued in his strength.  It was definitely not us.

This little baby touched so many people.  After he went back to Milwaukee, Paul told my sister he did not know what we had, but he wanted it.  He went to Church and he found God in a big way.  He is now completely sold out and definitely a true man of God. (Great job God and Jacob.)  The church we were going to became so much closer as they wrapped their arms around us and we ministered to them.  The outreaches that began became huge.  My family drew closer together.  The band at the school  became so much closer as they realized how quickly things can change.  Under Authority got serious.  Two weeks after Jacob, we were ministering in a thunder storm to any one who would listen. We had become serious about seeing people saved and when the group finally had finished its run, we had ministered in 10 states, had produced 2 cd projects, and seen thousands of people come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

As you can see, a lot of things in my life changed because of Jacob.  I guess I live like this could be my last five minutes.  I try to always be up and I try to push people to greater achievements.  Why sit back and let life happen when it might not.  You are not promised tomorrow so you might as well love the day and give it all you got.  You never know who you are going to affect with what you do.  Nobody wants to be like you if you are miserable and sad all the time.  We only get one shot at this, we need to give it all we got.

Jacob did for 4 days.  And because he did that, many people are saved and many people are still being saved.  You have a great effect on every person you meet. Don’t waste that shot.

Thanks for reading and learning more about my boy. I can’t wait to meet him again and I can’t wait for you to meet him.  We are going to throw down a party and a half.  Completely clean of course.  We will be partying with the King of Kings and are we ever going to have a blast.

love yunz,