rules or boundaries

I posted this the other day on Facebook and it has gotten a few discussions going, so I thought I would see if we can’t get something moving now.Feel free to agree, disagree, and whatever God puts on you. Also let me say that following the Moral code or law will not and cannot save you, it is only there to expose you to things that will cause you problems in your life. Only believing in Jesus will save you! No other name can save you! Just Jesus.  But the instruction book is there for us to live life and to live it more  abundantly and to help others to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Here is the quote:

“God’s Word is not a book of don’t do this don’t do that, it is a book of I don’t have to. I don’t have to steal, I don’t have to kill, I don’t have to lust, I don’t have to etc, etc, just because the world says it is okay. We are called to be Holy because He is Holy and He has given us the guideline! So for those of …yunz who want me to do something He would not be happy with, My Daddy says I don’t have to!”   That was the quote and here is my take from

I was discussing God with someone of another faith before school let out and he said something that made me really think about how we live and what we do. He said, I would be a Christian because I see a lot of good things, but almost all of you Christians cannot follow your own book’s ideas so why would I want to be one of you. I really thought how interesting that was. We are in a time where the church of Laodecia is abundant in this world. Not hot, not cold, just somewhere in the middle. We don’t want to offend anyone because that is “all the church has ever done.” (even though when there is a problem in the world everyone waits on the Church to bring the donations, send in the missionaries and humanitarian aid. )   We also need to make sure they are coming to Church and spending their money so we can pay the bills! TV programs, salaries, staff; we have to pay the bills.  Insane isn’t it that we would turn from the Word of God to keep a job when there are people who die every day for the very Word we turn from.(Chinese and other missionary churches)

Too many people these days are talking about the rules of God and how these things no longer apply. But are they rules, or are they guidelines to help us with this abundant life. I used to use a lot of the same excuses when I wanted to do something. “That’s not what God meant; It is not in the New Testament; Did he really mean it or is that just Old Testament and Jesus did away with that.” But they were just excuses. If God said it, He meant it for all time. Why would something that was an abomination in one testament change in the next one. Then I discovered what God really meant, the Guidelines are put in place so that we have a reason not to do something. My Dad said so. My Dad says I don’t have to. As a parent it is something I want my kids to do. Follow what I say the first time. Do good things because we have set the example. Use us as an excuse as to why not to do something. When my kids are confronted with right and wrong I want them to be able to tell someone, My Daddy said that is not good for me and I don’t have to do it.  In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, “Just say NO!  So why not use those same things in your daily walk.Don’t give in to world pressure.  There are things that are not right and we need to step to a higher level.

For instance, The man next door hits on your wife while his wife is not around and you are not around; She says to him, sorry but my Dad says this is not allowed and therefore we are not going any farther with this. Please go back to your house, live with your wife, give her your all because that is what my Dad says you should do. God is your out! He has set a standard for you. His standards are higher than this world!  His ways are not our ways.  Jesus made things even more clear and easier by saying that if you even think these things, you have already done them. Change your thinking and you don’t get into these messes.  Think higher so you don’t get trapped in this liberal religious life.  Everything is permissible, but not everything is profitable!!!  Paul said that.  He also said that we should not continue to sin so that Grace would abound.  We need to stop this junk now because the world is depending on us.  Your friends and family are depending on you. Speak the truth at all times. Read the Word and get ready for a battle. Yes folks there is right and wrong!!!! Spurgeon said in one of his sermons, “if the church you are attending in not following the Word of God, get away from that Church.”  Pretty serious words from a man who would probably be blown away by today’s church.

How about another example of what MY Daddy says: girl and boy fool around and end up with a baby on the way.Everyone tells them to get an abortion, that everyone is doing it and it won’t ruin your lives. But instead of making another mistake, they decide to follow what Daddy says, thou shalt not kill. They have the baby and adopt the child out to a family who raises the child to be a good citizen and contributor to the community. Just because Daddy said so. My Daddy knows best.  I look at my own life and had I followed what He said and really worked for that, my life would have had a lot less hassles.  Isn’t that what we are trying to get to, a hassle free life. Sometimes when things come against us it is because God is pulling back His hand because He wants us to follow Him more closely!!! Don’t blame everything on the Devil.

I believe if we all would follow the moral law God gave us from the beginning that we would all do a whole lot better. In fact the whole Bible is an example to us and if we would stick to it, the world would be better. If God said it, do it! I heard someone say that the Moral Code of God (which is the basis for all civilized law) were followed by the ones who claim to believe,  the world would change in an instant. While I am sure not everyone is going to follow it, wouldn’t it be great if the church did, so we could be the Bride of Christ.

In this July time and talk of Democracy and Freedom it is important to know that laws were not meant to bound us up, but to show what sin is and what not to do.  They are not laws that hold us down, they are boundaries that give us a freedom to live. Freedom to follow His word without even thinking about it.  Freedom is knowing that just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean I have to take that drink. I don’t have to lust after the latest woman star who comes on the scene. Because my Dad said I don’t have to.I don’t have to try to keep up with all the trash movies because my Dad said I need to keep my mind pure and clean. How disappointing it must be to Dad when everything He has said is an abomination in the past, everyone is saying is okay today.

IT IS NOT OKAY!! Who gave us the right to glamorize the very junk God has been telling us is not good for us for several thousand years.  It is allowing people to go straight to hell with an excuse, “they said it did not matter anymore.”  Pastors, teachers, Christians– we must live our lives so that the people who are to come after us can live a blessed life without having to go through all the junk.  An Alcoholic doesn’t need a church that says it is okay to drink and get drunk. They need a Church that says Jesus loves you and He will help you get over this addiction. People who are addicted to porn do not need to see women in the church with their skirts too short and their breasts falling out of their tops.  Those that are in need of a Savior want the Lamb of God, not the Lion of deceit who wonders the earth seeking who he can devour. We need the God of the Bible, not the God of the creed on the wall.  We don’t need a formula for Church, we need a church that says God, whatever you are going to do today, Let us walk in it. How do you want to do service today Lord?  What do you want me to do today for YOU! Tommy Tenney said once, “We have this thing that Church is all about us and God has this thing that Church is all about Him.”  HMMMMMM. . . . . .

Time is growing short and the world is going to hell faster and faster.  Do we really need to help it?  Find the Word, Follow the Word.  There is no more time left for doing it any other way. Comments are welcome!  Lets sharpen some Iron!

Just the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

One Response to “rules or boundaries”

  1. Anthony and are in complete agreement in this Tim. The church has a lot right, but it needs to wake up in many areas if it wants to thrive for Christ, or even survive. I beleive God is placing people in such churches to help then wake up, but its up to them take heed. if they don’t listen and keep labeling each of those such people as Pharisees or religious people and shut their
    voices out, I am not sure how much longer God
    will tolerate the lukewarmness of His people. His word says it makes Him sick. And it should make anyone who truly has the mind of Christ sick as well.

    Personally, my soul aches more more. I know there’s more. I won’t stop expecting it. This modern day personage culture in the church just isn’t gonna cut it. I won’t be a part of
    It. I will them and love and serve the world. But I refuse to be deceived or to settle.

    I’ve been in a tough place lately. One which many don’t understand. But I am obeying my husband, and in doing so, I know God will honor
    my life and give direction.

    Keep crying out Tim. What you are crying is truth and it needs to be heard and heeded. Don’t let what anyone says or thinks about you shake you even if you become very unpopular….of which you will. It’s the last days, expect people to believe lies rather than truth. Miss you guys.

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